24 Oct

False Friends: Episode 6

der Herd – stove (cooking) | herd –  die Herde

I was standing at the stove, cooking some porridge.  On the TV, a herd of water buffalo tried to cross a river.

21 Oct

False Friends: Episode 5

die Peperoni pl. hot chili peppers; pepper | pepperoni (pizza) = die Salami(pizza)

What’s your favourite pizza topping?

It’s hard to pick just one.  I love hot peppers, pineapple and pepperoni.  You?

For me, it’s not a pizza unless there are mushrooms, bacon and onions.

15 Oct

Listen: Louisa

Learn English by listening to real radio documentaries. In this episode a woman called Louisa tells ECK Köln Marcia Adair about what it’s like to be a deaf music lover.

13 Oct

False Friends: Episode 1

Bekommen – to receive, to get | become – werden
One of the most common Deutsch/English confusions.

I will become a dentist when I receive my DDS degree next week.

fast – almost | fast – schnell; (v) fasten
A false friend of the highest order.

I get hungry almost as fast as you when we are fasting for Ramadan.

das Gift – poison | gift, present –  das Geschenk

Is that a birthday present for Jeremy?

No. It’s poison.

[calls police]